Tutiac, both sides of Bordeaux

We are proud to promote 16 Bordeaux appellations across the terroirs of Blaye, Bourg, Graves, Fronsac, the Médoc and Sauternes. This large family boasts an array of personalities and stretches out over 5,400 hectares of vines near the Gironde Estuary.

Our terroirs

Established on the right bank north of the estuary on the marine limestone and marl soils of Blaye-Côtes de Bordeaux, Tutiac extended southwards to the asteriated limestone slopes of Côtes de Bourg and Fronsac. We are also based along the left bank, on the alluvial terraces of the Médoc and Graves up until Sauternes. 

Our vineyards benefit from the Bordeaux climate. Oceanic and temperate, with 240 days of sunshine each year, it is regulated by the Gulf stream and sheltered from Atlantic winds by the Landes forest. Propitious to ripening and enhancing the grape's subtle aromas, these weather conditions reveal nuances which combine with those contributed by the soil: in the Bordeaux region, the composition of the rocks has a decisive influence on the quality of the wines. The dense hydrographic network, and, of course, the meticulous care of our winegrowers, also play an important role in defining our terroirs. From one bank of the estuary to another, from one appellation to the next, they offer a great diversity which Tutiac embraces and unites, while respecting their complexity, topography, and intrinsic characteristics.

Our grape varieties

We grow a small number of grape varieties, which are blended to create harmonious wines, characteristic of Bordeaux. Our reds are made predominantly from Merlot (70% of our area under vine), producing round, deeply-coloured wines with smooth tannins, combined with Cabernet Franc, grown in the Médoc, Graves and Fronsac, Cabernet Sauvignon, the main grape variety in the Médoc, contributing wonderful aromatic complexity, and Malbec, which is widespread in Côtes de Bourg, where it thrives on deep red clay and clay-limestone soils. To a lesser extent, we also grow Petit Verdot, which requires meticulous care and attention to produce tannic red wines. For the whites, the main grape variety is Sauvignon Blanc, known for producing elegant, aromatic and lively wines, which are both well-balanced and characterful.

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