A human and family adventure

We take pride in our cooperative spirit. It is not merely an economic and technical alliance, but first and foremost a state of mind, based on values and high standards shared since the very beginning.

Our brand values
de notre marque

In the Bordeaux region and elsewhere, a winegrowing cooperation is and always will be the history of people and families united around a common project, a company which they own and manage together.
The success and prosperity of Tutiac owes everything to these ties that have stood the test of time. It hasn’t always been easy, but this is what made our cooperative thrive, by expanding in a bid to become not bigger, but better. 

Our first value is solidarity among winegrowers. We endeavour to help and support each other and this trust is the foundation of our cooperative democracy. Each and every one of us has their say at the general assembly. “One winegrower, one voice” is the cardinal rule at Tutiac, along with transparency. Our strategy and rules are clear and conveyed to all our members, who are entitled to be informed at all times. This means that everyone is responsible for being committed to Tutiac. The results of this cooperation are shared equally&nbspand are proportional to the contributions of each winemaker.
Even during our expansion, we never compromised on these values, which is one of the reasons why we are still around nearly fifty years later, to develop with audacity and progress towards&nbspexcellence..

What matters to us

Quality from grape to glass
A diverse array of terroirs
Environmental responsibility
Gironde traditions and culture
The joy of sharing wine and fine dining
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