Our winemaking standards

Behind the brand, Tutiac is the leading French producer of appellation wines.
A rank that we maintain thanks to our unwavering high standards. Here are our core principles.

Understanding our terroirs

Since 2003, we have begun mapping our entire winegrowing area. Each plot is analysed in detail, from sun exposure to the soil, subsoil, rootstocks, grape varieties, age of the vines, planting density, etc. These precise data inform our viticultural and winemaking choices. We have established groups of terroirs that inspire our cuvées in a bid to express nuances and typical characteristics of our Bordeaux appellations from one vintage to the next.

Striving for excellence

Producing large volumes of wines requires stringent production processes (from filtering to stabilisation, bottling, packaging, etc.), certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 22000, Codex Alimentarius International food standards, and the highest level of BRC food safety certification) and monitoring. However, our quest for quality does not stop there. Our winemaking approach is on par with the Bordeaux great growths. Tutiac employs 12 oenologists, uses plot-by-plot selection and fermentation, alongside “vinification intégrale” barrel fermentation, and also boasts a dedicated innovations department. 

Mastering the entire production chain

Our teams are qualified in over 40 professions (winegrowers, viticultural technicians, oenologists, logistics, quality control, sales and marketing, general services, etc.), covering all stages of the winemaking process. We have eight production sites and two bottling centres which are among the most modern and efficient in France. 

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