Aim for 100% eco-friendly viticulture

We have been committed to sustainable viticulture for many years, and have made every effort to become a role model regarding a natural approach and environmental responsibility throughout our 5,400 hectares of vineyards.

Developing eco-friendly practices

Since 2014, Tutiac has invested in an experimental vineyard dedicated to researching grape varieties and innovative winegrowing practices. Our objective is to protect natural resources and ecosystems, develop biodiversity, and limit input products. This initiative is funded by the French Ministry of Agriculture via the Casdar programme in favour of innovating in the context of the agroecological transition..
In these vineyards, in collaboration with the INRA and the Chamber of Agriculture, we study grape varieties which are naturally resistant to vine diseases, in order to limit or prevent the use of pesticides.
As soon as an environmentally and economically sustainable practice has proved successful, it is implemented in our member winegrowers’ vineyards. Effective practices include sowing in between vine rows, planting hedgerows at the edges of plots, planting flowers on fallow land, using mating disruption to reduce the risk of pests, and converting to organic agriculture.

Researching natural alternatives

Tutiac is also involved in researching biocontrol methods to promote natural plant protection. For instance, we are working with ImmunRise, a Bordeaux start-up which aims to revolutionise plant protection products by using marine-based alternatives. ImmunRise works in particular with marine microorganisms capable of stimulating the vines’ natural defences, or acting directly on disease pathogens, such as mildew and botrytis. Promising in-vitro results have already been observed.

Good daily practices

For eco-friendly viticultural methods to be effective, they need to be implemented at all company levels. Other concrete actions include ensuring ensuring the recovery and recycling of waste, producing green electricity thanks to photovoltaic shade houses at production sites, and installing electric vehicle charging stations for the general public.

Ambitious yet realistic objectives

All our vineyards are now Agri-Confiance (équivalent Certification Environnementale de niveau 2) et 650 hectares are grown organically. Our 3-year ambition is for all 5,400 hectares to obtain level 3 High Environmental Value certification. Since 2019, Tutiac has prohibited the use of CMR products, and we are one of the first cooperatives in France to offer Zero Pesticide Residues, -certified wines, guaranteeing consumers thethe absence of active substance residues within measurable limits..

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